Our Team

Medical Copywriter
Bronwen specialises in writing MyMed.com's medical information from a patient's perspective, bringing you the answers you need and providing an actionable plan on how to cope with any illness.
Medical Copywriter
Meet Jade Poole, a self-confessed "nosey" person, and now "medical detective", she makes it her business to get the low down on EVERYTHING you need to know about any medical health topic.
Digital Marketing Specialist & Content Contributor
As one of our Digital Marketing Specialists, Penny takes time to contribute to MyMed's content, writing about things she has had some form of exposure to, which always makes for interesting,...
Digital Marketing Specialist & Content Contributor
As a Digital Marketing Specialist and regular content contributor to MyMed.com, Megan makes it her mission to bring you the cold, hard and often stomach turning facts on various health issues.

Consulting Medical Professionals

General & Aesthetic Practitioner - MBBCh (Wits)
Dr Tamlyn Maree brings a wealth of medical experience and expertise in various fields including family medicine to the MyMed team, advising on and reviewing articles for medical accuracy.
Family Medicine & General Practitioner - MBBCh (Wits)
Family medicine and general practitioner Dr Marike Ransome lends the MyMed.com team her vast medical and surgical expertise, regularly giving input and reviewing articles for medical accuracy.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon - MBBCH (Wits), FCS Plast Surg (SA)
Dr Mark Steinmann is a fully qualified and licensed, board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who brings a wealth of experience and expertise in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine to...
Emergency Medicine Physician - MBChB (University of Cape Town)
With experience in Emergency Medicine, Dr Nombasa Lwana is a valuable member of MyMed.com's medical review team, giving professional insight as well as practical tips for patients facing medical...