Bronwen Watson

Bronwen Watson
Medical Copywriter

Intelligent, supportive, intuitive and someone with a contagious laugh, Bronwen is an avid traveller and appreciator of the finer things in life... Read: She's the cultured one of the group 😉. If you want to know anything about an art exhibition, market, fine wine (including the bubbly variety) or the latest theatre production, Bronwen always has a recommendation or two to offer.

Bronwen holds diplomas in Foundation Art and Design and Photography and Photoshop from the Design School of Southern Africa as well as a Diploma in Copywriting with Merit from the Institute of Copywriting (Somerset, UK) as well as various certificates in novel writing, effective Communication, Negotiation and Presentation skills and digital marketing (Red and Yellow – Quirk).

Before joining MyMed Bronwen spent over 8 years gathering experience in the ever-changing digital media space, having worked as a journalist, online copywriter and digital editor on some big name glossy mags but strangely finds writing about neurological diseases and the various research developments making medical news headlines to be more interesting and rewarding than working with the glitterati (we're sending her for a brain scan shortly ;-).

Having dealt with a few health challenges herself, she is exceptionally empathetic to those struggling with their own health concerns. This has given her a unique insight into what to examine and include from a patient's perspective when researching and writing articles and why you'll have zero questions after reading them and if you are suffering from something chronic, have an actionable plan on how to cope with it and live the best quality life possible… Yep, she's really that good (if we do say so ourselves 😉).

She loves her family, her dogs (fur kids) and if she could do anything else with her life it would be raising a family of her own with a loving husband, writing poems, short stories and novels overlooking a beach, and if she could be anywhere in the world it would be… strolling the beaches of the Maldives.