Penny Theodoulou

Penny Theodoulou
Digital Marketing Specialist & Content Contributor


Intelligent, loyal, caring and driven Penny is the proverbial "Wonder Woman" of our team, making being a full-time working mom, wife and businesswoman look effortless (even when her child is sick and she’s only had a few hours' sleep)... We're still all wondering HOW she does it all AND with a smile on her face!

Penny has a diploma in Travel and Tourism from Boston City Campus as well as certificates in Marketing Management and Social Media from UNISA. She has worked in the travel, cellular and property space and brings a wealth of operational and marketing experience to the team.

Professionally, Penny is dedicated, efficient, proactive and force to be reckoned with when it comes to getting things done. As part of MyMed’s digital marketing team, she has also taken to putting aside a little time to contribute to our articles base. Penny enjoys writing about things she has had some form of exposure to, so you can be sure that when you read her articles, she really knows what she’s talking about and has done ALL of the research on the subject.

In her spare time Penny loves to spend time with her husband, Michael, son, Declan as well as friends and family. She also enjoys spending time in the garden and walking the family’s two dogs. If she could do anything other than work at MyMed it would be to tackle a profession as a game ranger and if she could be anywhere in the world it would be Australia.