Some more questions you might have about stress

Some more questions you might have about stress

Some more questions you might have about stress 

Can stress make me sick? 

Stress is known to suppress the immune system. It does this because, in a stressful situation, the immune system might not be deemed an important function of the body. If your body is constantly under stress, known as chronic stress, your immune system may constantly be down and prone to infections. As well as being vulnerable to illnesses and diseases, the side effects of stress alone may also be similar to those of a common cold. These can include feeling fatigued, having a headache and feeling weak and groggy.  

Can stress cause chest pain?  

Stress can result in anxiety, which in turn may cause chest pain. A symptom of anxiety is often hyperventilation, this causes muscle contractions to bring excess air into the lungs and also results in the contraction of blood vessels, which can result in severe chest pain.  

Heart problems can also be the result of stress and the cause of chest pain. Consult with your doctor should you be experiencing severe or prolonged chest pain.  

Why do people react differently to stress?  

There are certain factors that determine the way that you react to stress. These being:  

  • Genetics – there are specific genes that control the levels of stress in the body, sometimes needing to prepare the body for fight-or-flight. Should your body overreact or underreact to stress, it can often stem from the small differences in these genes. 
  • Life experiences – some people have been exposed to more traumatic cases of acute stress than others. Childhood abuse, witnessing a death, being the victim of a violent crime, or being employed as a police officer, fireman or member of the military are some situational and professional instances that leave people particularly vulnerable to stress.  
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