From symptoms to stages, pregnancy explored

Pregnancy is not always the glamorous adventure some women make it out to be. While some magical pregnancy unicorns do exist (yes, we’ve met one or two), for the majority of women, it is full of ups and downs, bumps and backaches, mood swings and stretch marks. From the bump to birth, in this section, the MyMed team explores all there is to know about pregnancy and share it with you in an honest, relatable way.

Our goal is to educate, enlighten and inform expectant mothers, women trying to be mothers and even the loved ones of the women going through all of this, in the hopes of making this journey an easier and more educated one.

We aim to try and give you all the answers to the test, even when your home pregnancy test isn’t giving you the right one. Like what is this so-called ‘glow’? If you ask most pregnant women, it is more like a constant hot flush accompanied by sweat in places you probably didn’t know you have. As well as to reassure you that your ‘cute baby bump’ which often just feels like something that disrupts sleep, forces you to lie in awkward positions, hurts your back and makes you miss your skinny jeans, is worth it all.

We’ll give you tips on dealing with morning, more like all day, sickness and dealing with midnight cravings, constant exhaustion and other glorious pregnancy symptoms. And keep reminding you that in the end, you will have the most perfect gift anyone could ever ask for and all of the discomforts will soon be forgotten.

We are also mindful that for some pregnancy is not the issue, falling or staying pregnant is. We know that for those facing these difficulties, the gripes and groans of pregnancy are something longed for from the deepest places of the heart.  Miscarriages happen more often than anyone admits, they are often devastating, so if you’re going through this, you’re not alone and we’re right here to help you through it.

In knowing more about the experience, fear and anxiety about pregnancy can be reduced and this will help to make it an easier one. One that you might actually begin to enjoy along the way.