Sex and Relationships

Sex and Relationships

Sex and relationships, relationships and sex… sometimes it seems a though the intricacies of these two, not so mutually exclusive topics makes the world go around.

The headlines constantly provide us with celebrity relationship updates - who’s getting together, who’s breaking up, making up or shacking up. Sex scandals abound and are discussed, if not dissected, on the global stage in graphic detail.

We are bombarded with 'top tips' for achieving better sex lives, pulling off our own 50 Shades of Grey bedroom exploits, told what to eat to increase our libidos and are constantly fed snippets of often conflicting and mostly superficial, generic advice on how to be a better girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, lover, partner or even one-night stand.

Sometimes it’s all a little overwhelming! And let’s face it, no airy fairy five points to a better orgasm have ever really changed anyone’s life!

While people are talking about these intimate topics in far greater detail than ever before, who doesn’t still have a question or two about one of them at some time or another?

That’s where we come in… bringing you open, honest, no-nonsense information on every aspect of sexuality and relationships in each of the articles below.