Complications of shingles

Complications of shingles

What are some complications related to shingles?

It is always important to monitor your symptoms so that you can prevent any further complications arising. Complications can include:

  • Eye damage if the rash has spread to the eyes. This damage can be permanent and impact your vision.
  • Bacterial infections occurring through the open blisters, pneumonia is one of them.
  • Your brain or spinal cord becoming inflamed leading to meningitis or encephalitis, both being serious and life-threatening conditions.

Shingles, if left untreated, can be a severe and sometimes life-threatening condition. However, if detected and treated in the early stages of the condition, it is likely that a swift recovery will take place. Keep in mind that there is no cure for shingles. The virus is known to occur even after someone has already had shingles. It is always best to seek advice and guidance of a healthcare professional should you feel as though you are at risk,


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