How did I get tonsillitis?

How did I get tonsillitis?

Your tonsils, being your body’s defence against infection and illness, produce white blood cells that help to fight off the germs and infections. White blood cells are the little fighters of the body and help defend it from foreign invasions of disease. When your tonsils become infected, they become inflamed and this leads to tonsillitis.

Children, being more prone to the condition, can easily contract it from others at school when coming into close contact with them. They are also exposed to a variety of viruses and bacteria, making them more vulnerable.

It is spread from one person to another through contact with the mouth, mucus or throat of someone that is infected.

It is a very contagious disease and is caused by a number of common bacteria and viruses. A virus such as the common cold can cause tonsillitis. A common bacterial infection such as the streptococcal organism is also often a cause of the condition.

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