At one time or another we are all guilty of rushing to our local supermarket, pharmacy or health store to purchase the latest vitamins, health supplement, sports drink or meal replacement solution in the hope of achieving some sort of nutritional or health goal promised to us. Not to mention the countless other items we have stored in the back of our kitchen or bathroom cupboards, that we thought we’d reap amazing results from – as promised by the various marketing campaigns and labels on the packaging.

The supplement industry encompasses both nutritional and sports products, both of which are often wildly misunderstood, wrongfully marketed and make promises that are unrealistic let alone factual.

Due to the lack of regulation, supplement brands and products are often able to get away with false marketing and even wrongfully labelled ingredients. This is not to say that all supplements are part of some grand, deceptive marketing ploy, but rather, that many of them are mislabelled and their benefits, as well as potential side effects, are often difficult for everyday users to interpret and understand correctly.

A number of supplements are beneficial and have the science, or at least preliminary research findings to back this up. Probiotics, for example, are one form of health supplements that allow for the growth and maintenance of healthy gut flora and may be used to treat a variety of health conditions. Some sports supplements may enhance the performance of professional athletes or even assist the everyday gym-goer in getting one step closer to their fitness and body goals.

When it comes to supplements, research is key and knowing what to look for and avoid makes all the difference.

The My Med team have searched through our reputable sources, clinical studies, articles and information to put together easily digestible articles on some of the most popular substances, their uses, benefits, potential side effects and more. Allowing you to be more informed and even breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to choosing the right supplement for your needs…