Your due date

The due date

It has been quite the ride up until now. As an expecting mother, you are probably excited and nervous to meet your new-born baby. Your due date, however, is not always accurate and is more of an estimated date of delivery, being known as an EDD. The system that works out the date of your baby’s birth is often more reliable with women who have regular menstrual cycles.

The most accurate way of finding out when your baby will be born is during an ultrasound in the first trimester. This gives the doctor a good understanding of the size of the baby which indicates its age.

How you want to give birth is entirely up to you. It is a very personal decision and should be made between you and your doctor as he/she will know what is best for you medically and will advise accordingly so that you can make an informed decision on having a natural birth or whether a C-section will be required for medical reasons or be an elective procedure.

On a final note

Pregnancy is not like anything you have ever experienced. Your body will go through major changes. It is always best to get the support and guidance of your doctor and of course your family and friends. Make sure you are making decisions that are best for you and your baby, such as sticking to a healthy diet and lifestyle and taking prenatal vitamins, as well as seeing your doctor on a regular basis and undergoing all the tests that are recommended to you. Prepare for the ride of a lifetime.

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