How should I prepare for an X-ray?

How should I prepare for an X-ray?

How should I prepare for an X-ray? 

Having an X-ray is a standard procedure, and often does not involve any special preparational steps. However, different X-rays require different preparations. It is best to speak to your doctor about how you should prepare.  

X-ray shown on computer screen
It is the general rule that you will undress the area of your body that
 is being examined, you may sometimes be asked to wear a gown. You will have to remove any items of metal, jewellery and eyeglasses. It is sometimes best to wear loose-fitting clothing without metal zips that you can easily move around in, should you not be asked to put on a gown.  

Always inform your doctor about any metal implants you may have from previous surgeries, as these can stop the X-ray beams from passing through the body to create a clear and concise image.  

When contrast material or dye is used for the X-ray, you will need to swallow or ingest the liquid through an enema (the solution is inserted into the body through the anus), it can also be injected into your body. 

With an X-ray that examines your gastrointestinal tract, you may be asked to not eat for a certain amount of time before the X-ray, and you may also not be able to drink any liquids – this aids in creating a clearer X-ray in having an empty digestive tract.  

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