Some more questions you may have about Lyme disease

Some more questions you may have about Lyme disease

Some more questions you may have

How long does it take to get Lyme disease after a tick bite?

When it comes to the symptoms of Lyme disease, commonly the rash appears first and will begin to show anywhere between three and 30 days from infection (tick bite).

Is Lyme disease fatal in humans?

It is important to get Lyme disease treated as quickly as possible. Many people are misdiagnosed and studies show that only one in 10 cases of the disease are reported. If it is left untreated it can be fatal.

However, if detected early and treated correctly the disease is often curable.

 Is Lyme disease contagious?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection passed from a tick to a human, it cannot be passed from one human to another.

Is Lyme disease in dogs contagious to other dogs?

Dogs and cats are able to contract Lyme disease, there is no evidence to say that it can be passed from pets to their owners, only the tick can infect the human or animal. Dogs with Lyme disease cannot infect other dogs.

Can Lyme disease be cured in humans?

If Lyme disease is able to be diagnosed early, it can normally be cured with antibiotics. If treatment is not administered, issues with joints, nervous system and heart can occur, however, these issues can still be treated and cured through the right medication. 

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