Skincare after microblading

Skincare after microblading

Skincare after microblading

Taking care of your eyebrows after microblading is similar to the care of a tattoo, and possibly a little more intensive. Speak to your technician about skin care techniques after microblading as he or she will generally have specific instructions for healing.

One of the most important things to know about microblading is that your eyebrows will form scabs over the incisions from the blade cutting into the skin and drawing blood. You must not pick these scabs off (as tempting as it may be) as this could remove pigment from the skin before healing is complete. These scabs will make your eyebrows look considerably darker than the colour you intended to have – this is perfectly normal, and your new eyebrows will be revealed once these scabs naturally fall off. The severity of your scabs will depend on your own body and the amount of blood produced during the session.

It will take about seven to fourteen days for the skin to heal and the appearance improve and approximately a month for the intended colour to set in, this is usually when your follow-up appointment will be booked if necessary.

It is vital that the area is kept clean during healing and that any makeup and/or creams that are applied do not come into contact with the scabs. Products containing glycolic acids should also be avoided as these may fade the pigment. Your technician may advise that you not wet the area for 72 hours after the procedure and avoid excessive sweating or showering for about a week. You generally are requested to keep the area as dry as possible for up to ten days after microblading.

Your technician may give you a special ointment to apply on your brows for the first week or so.

Once your skin is fully healed, you will need to take care of the investment you have made in having semi-permanent pigment applied to the skin of your face. It is advisable to apply sunscreen to your eyebrows to prevent fading from the sun when you are outdoors.

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