What are the pros and cons of isolation exercises?

What are the pros and cons of isolation exercises?

Isolation Exercise Pros

Isolation exercises are great for targeting a specific muscle group. This is often helpful when you have a muscle group that needs work or is weaker than others. Many say that they get a great muscle ‘pump’ after their workout when they have focused on only a few muscle groups. This refers to the ‘pump’ your muscles have as they have increased in size after your workout, the muscles have expanded as they break and tear to grow in size.

Isolation exercises are a terrific way to pack on size and muscle.

Isolation Exercise Cons

Isolation exercises are not always recommended when you want to lose weight. They take more time to complete and in focusing on one muscle group at a time, tend to burn fewer calories. Isolation exercises do not release as many anabolic hormones during your workout, these are released when a workout is more taxing. This is not to say that isolation exercises do not get the job done, they are just more focused on working a particular muscle group, as opposed to many.

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