Potty training from A to Z

Potty training from A to Z

Everything you need to know about potty training

Every parent knows that there are certain milestones to look forward to when raising a little one. From the very first word uttered by your baby boy, to the first stumbling step achieved at long last by your tiny princess, these milestones are exciting events for every parent.

Unfortunately, not all milestones in your child’s development are as exciting or nearly as much fun. Take for instance the first tantrum that has you cringing in the toy aisle of the grocery store or another round of sleepless nights thanks those dreaded aching, teething gums.

Another major milestone that every toddler must reach is that of potty training. The potty training (toilet training) phase is one that parents often dread most, and some put off the experience for as long as humanly possible. But at one point or another, facts must be faced and that means grabbing the bull by the horns and plunging into the world of poop, pee, pull ups, and hours sitting on the bathroom floor.

What is potty training?

Potty training may seem like a natural progression for young children, but the reality is that toilet training is hard work for most children, not to mention mom and dad!

From the moment you take the plunge and decide to start steering away from diapers and aiming for the loo, potty training is a constant game of waiting, praying, and cleaning up messes.

All children will reach an age where potty training naturally comes in to play, but that doesn't mean that all children will do so at the same time. Every child is different and that means they'll react differently to using a potty or a toilet, and the idea of not using a diaper to do your business in can be a tough adjustment to make.

Overall, potty training is not so much about the science of the matter, but rather about doing what works for you and your child, when and where it matters most.

For some, potty training is an uphill battle that leads to sleepless nights and countless runs to the loo 'just in case'. For others, the process is smooth sailing and a child may pick up the habit of using a potty within a matter of days or weeks. There's no way to tell until you try, so if you're searching for the perfect way to potty train, you simply won't find it, because it doesn't exist!

Consider potty training yet another exciting adventure that you and your child will embark on together. And if nothing else, remember that eventually it will be a distant memory that you can look back on laugh about when your child grows up.

When should potty training begin?

While there's no set science to how and when potty training should take place, there are many schools of thought on the best possible time to begin. Whether these schools of thought are what you and your child need is entirely up to you and that's the very first rule to toilet training - there are no rules.

Deciding when your child is ready and discovering what works for your family is extremely important. However, there are a few factors to consider - Read on to find out more...

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