Possible issues that may arise when potty training

Possible issues that may arise when potty training

Unfortunately, when potty training, you may run into issues that need to be addressed. One of the main issues could be toilet refusal.

There are not many organic reasons for a child to shy away from potty training other than the fact that they are simply not ready. This is a common issue as parents may feel the need to force the subject of potty training based on the child's age or their desire to no longer purchase diapers.

If toilet refusal is taking place, one of the most damaging ways to combat this is by engaging in "toilet battles". Forcing a child to use a potty when they're not ready can be damaging in more than one way. It can hinder any future toilet-training skills as well as damage the relationship between parent and child8.

The best way to overcome toilet refusal is to simply take a break. Step back from the toilet training process for a few months and wait for further cues from your child suggesting that they are now ready to truly embark on the potty training journey.

Even if your toddler previously showed interest in the potty, remember that this in a long process that can be daunting for a young child. The pressure to perform, the removal of the comfort that a diaper can provide, and the introduction of a new routine could all prove to be too much. Sit back and wait for your child to become comfortable with potty training and you'll soon have a happy and comfort child on your hands.

If at any point you suspect there may be deeper issues involved, never hesitate to visit your paediatrician and consult with an expert. The more comfortable you are with the potty training process, the easier it will be on your little one.


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