Is a vampire facial a beauty treatment worth investing in?

Is a vampire facial a beauty treatment worth investing in?

It’s not really a relaxing pamper day at the spa (treatments are reasonably quick – anything from 45 minutes to a little over an hour), but it’s not a horror show either. Cosmetic problem areas that might be worth treating for one, may be a little over the top for another. Just because it’s all the rage for celebrities, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ideal for you. Everyone is unique and feels differently about their appearance, and what they’re comfortable doing to correct problem areas. Skin types are also to be factored in here. How treatment benefits one person, may not be entirely ideal for another who could achieve the desired results another way.

It’s wise to approach this beauty trend with ears wide open. Learn about and understand the nature of the treatment, the processes involved and what’s proven to be beneficial. Seek information from reputable sources too. Aesthetic medical practitioners (cosmetic specialists and dermatologists) and skilled beauty therapists all know something about these treatments and can provide the most accurate, up to date information.

If this treatment appeals to you, perhaps steer clear of looking for reviews in Silicon Valley. Seek out reputable practitioners and treatment facilities in your neighbourhood. It’s far more sensible to assess the skill of practitioners and their track record of results in the area you may be receiving treatment in.

Many facilities keep a record of before and after visuals of consenting patients – request to see these at your consultation. The internet is laden with before and after visuals, so have a look there as well (just be careful not to confuse facial and facelift results – Google may lump them all in one search). Consider the potential costs too – this a beauty treatment purely with cosmetic purposes, and is not covered by medical insurance.

Before and after beauty treatment visual showing rejuvenation, lifting, and tightening of facial skin effects.

What you wish to correct will require some careful assessment by the practitioner you choose. He or she will assess whether you are a good candidate, if the problem areas are suitable for PRP therapy, and how many treatments are likely to produce the desired result. Bear in mind though, he or she may not feel that a facial will work magic on your droopy jowls, but those laugh lines, maybe.

A practitioner in the field of aesthetic medicine generally has far more tricks up their sleeve than just PRP. In cases where trouble spots may better benefit from another treatment, a practitioner will advise accordingly and provide sound reasons why. It could be that a vampire facelift could achieve far better results (in which case, be prepared to spend quite a little more). Perhaps fillers alone may do the trick, or your desired result may be better achieved by going under the knife. It could also be that a facial is suggested for one problem area and another treatment recommended for correcting something else you’re concerned about. This is largely why it is important to have a consultation before agreeing to any aesthetic treatment, a vampire facial included.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. A vampire facial is not an ‘ever-after’ solution for reversing signs of aging or fixing a problem area in just one treatment, but it does have a proven track record of satisfied patients. Results can be achieved, and chances are, a safe experience may very well bring you back for another down the line.

It’s remarkable what just a little ‘blood’ can do to make subtle enhancements to overall skin tone and texture, and reduce mild signs of aging. If your stomach’s no longer turning, go for it and book that consultation.

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