Fillers (overview)

Signs of aging have long been a thorn in the side of many. With the variety of non-invasive cosmetic treatments available on the market, more and more individuals are opting for fillers to maintain the plump and smooth skin of their youth.

Fillers are non-invasive procedures which result in minor improvements on the surface of the skin and are often an attractive alternative to other cosmetic procedures which require you to go under the knife to achieve a desired aesthetic change. Many fillers deliver gratifying results in next to no time, are more cost effective (cheaper) and involve less downtime (recovery) than plastic surgery.

Fillers (often referred to as soft tissue, wrinkle, dermal, cosmetic, injectable implants or injectable fillers) temporarily soften the appearance of wrinkles (rhytides), creases, lines and even scars (shallow or deep) when substances, such as collagen, are injected into the skin (dermis) of the face and back of the hand. How long the effect of a filler lasts depends on what type of filler is used and the type of wrinkle or crease being treated.

Some fillers are approved for the restoration and / or correction of lipoatrophy (facial fat loss), often experienced by people with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Soft tissue filler can also be used for lip augmentation, cheek augmentation and hand augmentation (increasing size or volume).

Fillers cannot, however, be used for breast augmentation (increasing the breast size and shape), increasing the size of the buttocks, fullness of the feet or as an implant into bone, tendons, ligaments or muscles.

Effects can be semi-permanent (up to several months or a year) or more short-lived, again depending on the type of filler used. Most fillers require repeat injections and can cause some minor swelling, bruising and inflammation. More serious side effects are typically rare and are largely impacted by the quality of the product used and the professional administering the treatment.

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