What are the causes of metabolic syndrome?

What are the causes of metabolic syndrome?

There are a variety of factors that are known to have a direct link to metabolic syndrome, the condition has a close link to inactivity (lack of movement and exercise), being overweight and obesity.  

By now it should be clear that insulin resistance is also a leading cause of it. The hormone insulin is made by your pancreas and assists the cells of your body to take up sugar and use it for energy. This can be seen as a form of fuel to keep you going. If you are resistant to this particular hormone, it means that your cells do not digest the glucose in food and because of this, the glucose levels in your body will rise as your body will continue to create more and more insulin. Insulin resistance can eventually lead to diabetes. Being resistant to insulin can often result in retaining extra weight in your abdominal region.  

As mentioned, doctors are still not sure why metabolic syndrome forms, and it consists of a group of diseases or risk factors, and it is not merely a single condition.  

Hormonal imbalance has also been known to play a role in the condition. This can be linked to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a condition known to affect female fertility and is often related to an imbalance of hormones that causes ovarian cysts amongst other symptoms and may, in turn, result in metabolic syndrome.  

Abdominal obesity or obesity in general means that you have extra body fat due to lack of exercise or movement and the increase and over intake of calories needed to complete daily activities. Many people sitting at a desk all day and mindlessly eating junk food are often prone to developing obesity, although genes also have a role to play. Being obese is a direct link to developing metabolic syndrome.  

Anxiety is something many people experience when diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, but it is best to see this condition as a shock to the system in order to put some concrete lifestyle changes in place so as to seriously improve your health.  

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