What are the symptoms of metabolic syndrome?

What are the symptoms of metabolic syndrome?

Having a large abdomen circumference is one of the most visible signs of metabolic syndrome. Although there are no specific symptoms related to the condition. If you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes such as high blood sugar (glucose levels), frequent and increased urination and thirst, fatigue and blurred vision, these may be signs of metabolic syndrome.  

When to see a doctor  if you think metabolic syndrome

If you know that you are experiencing three or more of the components of metabolic syndrome, then it is best to speak to your doctor so that he/she can do tests to determine whether or not you have the condition.  

Just to recap, these components are:  

  • High blood sugar (insulin resistance)
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity (excess fat around your abdomen) 
  • Abnormal or high triglyceride 
  • High cholesterol levels
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