Tips for taking care of your new piercing

Tips for taking care of your new piercing

Now that you’ve got your brand-new piercing, it’s time to take care of your new addition. If your piercing was performed at a professional establishment, you’ll have received a list of instructions for taking the best possible care of it.

Step 1 – Keep it clean! This is the most important step and will ultimately decide how quickly your piercing heals. Different piercings on different parts of your body can take varied amounts of time to heal. Keeping your piercing clean with soap and water can help get rid of possible infection and any build up that could cause irritation.

Step 2 – Keep it simple! Steer clear of fancy lotions or products that are sold in stores. Simply use soap and water at least twice a day to keep the area clean. If you’re nursing an oral piercing, it’s best to use alcohol-free mouthwash and ice to reduce the swelling. If you’d like to use a pain killer, always chat to your doctor first.

Step 3 – Less is more! It’s imperative that you refrain from touching your piercing as much as possible. It may be tempting to turn, touch, or move the piercing from time to time, but once you’ve cleaned it as best you can, leave it be. The less movement in the freshly-pierced area, the more chance of complete (and swift healing).

DO NOT use any of the following on your piercing:

  • Use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on piercings as these may irritate the skin and delay healing.
  • Use any antibiotic applications (i.e. creams, gels, ointments) as they may prevent the oxygen necessary for healing from reaching the area and attract dirt that can lead to infection.
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