Other methods that may speed up the healing of a hickey

Other methods that may speed up the healing of a hickey

The toothbrush method for hickies

Using the bristles of a toothbrush is another method to help break up the blood clots and spread the accumulated blood around in order to make it easier for your body to clear the hickey. The toothbrush method is conducted as follows:

  • Taking your toothbrush, brush the bristles over the area of your hickey, gently applying pressure and working the toothbrush in a different direction so as to move the clotted blood around, spreading it to adjacent areas of tissue.
  • Repeat this process for roughly five to ten minutes.
  • This method works best when combined with the cold compress technique, therefore, once you have ‘brushed’ the area, apply a cold compress for ten minutes and repeat a few times throughout the day.

**My Med Memo – The results of this technique tend to vary based on the intensity and colour of the hickey, however, you should be able to notice a difference in colour after a few hours.

The cylindrical object method

This method is similar to the toothbrush technique in applying pressure to the bruised area to spread out the accumulation of blood in an attempt quicken the healing process as blood can be easily reabsorbed by the body. This technique uses cylindrical objects to disperse the accumulated blood and increase the area’s blood circulation. Use this method a few times a day starting 24 hours after receiving your hickey. The below describes how to use a cylindrical object for hickey:

  • Find a pen cap, lipstick cap or any small cylindrical object
  • Place this round object directly onto your hickey, pressing down onto the skin, making sure you are applying just the right amount of pressure so as to not aggravate the area but to press it down enough to disperse the blood
  • When pressing down, twist the object so that your skin twists around it, getting at least half a twist out of the object
  • Hold this position for about ten to twenty seconds and release
  • Repeat this process for ten to fifteen minutes several times daily

The coin method for hickies

This method may cause slight pain, and it is vital that you ensure that this technique is conducted correctly so that it does not make your hickey worse. The coin method is as follows:

  • Find any coin (it is advised that you disinfect this as it will be touching your skin)
  • Using two fingers, pull the skin on either side of your hickey to stretch it out
  • Now, making use of the edge of the coin, you will need to scrape the surface of the hickey, moving from the centre of the hickey outwards. This movement attempts to break up and move the blood around the hickey so as to allow for your body to easily absorb the blood clot back into the bloodstream (scrape the skin with just enough pressure that it doesn’t hurt you or aggravate the hickey and cause further bruising)
  • Your skin is likely to be red from this scraping, this redness will subside in a few minutes

The toothpaste method to treat a hickey

Mint toothpaste or peppermint oil aid in increasing blood circulation. Peppermint oil is would be the best option as it has a higher peppermint concentration, but if you do not have access to this, mint toothpaste may work. The toothpaste method works as follows:

  • Apply a layer of toothpaste or peppermint oil directly to your hickey, the area will start to tingle
  • When the tingling stops, remove the excess oil or toothpaste with a clean wet cloth

**My Med Memo – Try not to repeat this process too much as the constant tingling can cause irritation to the site of the hickey. This method works well for increasing blood circulation and dispersing the blood clot.

When nothing else works - how to hide a hickey

Some hickeys are extremely stubborn and persistent and stick around for much longer than you may have anticipated. If you are running late for a meeting, have a class to get to or simply want to cover up your hickey from the risk of embarrassment, there are a couple of ways that you can hide your love bite. You may have already tried some of these classic hickey hiding techniques such as wearing a scarf, turtleneck, band-aid, collared shirt or even using your long hair (this is more for the ladies) to hide it, however, if you want to know how to properly conceal a hickey with makeup, then read on…

  • Apply a green concealer to the hickey. The reason for using a green concealer here is because your hickey is red, green is the opposite colour to this (remember your colour wheels from art class?), therefore, using green will make the hickey less visible as it neutralises the prominence of the red.
  • Now you will need to mix a yellow tinted concealer and your correct skin tone concealer until you get a colour that is closely matched to your own skin. Apply this mix to the outline of your hickey with a makeup brush.
  • Finally, dab the area with a sponge or makeup brush to spread your concealer mix until you reach a naturally blended look, you can also add some foundation at this point for a little more cover-up. Be careful not to use too much makeup in an attempt to hide your hickey as this can rub off on your shirt and make it look more obvious that you are trying to cover something up.
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