The benefits of vitamin D

The benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to the body and maintaining good health. It benefits the following bodily systems, organs and functions:

The Digestive system

It aids in the absorption of calcium obtained from food and supplements.

The Bones

It regulates the cells needed to maintain and build bone, promotes the absorption of calcium in your bones and helps to store the calcium in your skeletal tissue. 

The Kidneys

Prevents the loss of vitamin D when urinating by recycling the calcium in the kidneys in order for the bones to absorb it properly.

In Pregnancy

Vitamin D aids in reducing the risk of developing preeclampsia (a condition that can be dangerous to the mother and unborn child in pregnancy due to an increase in the mother's blood pressure), bacterial vaginosis (bacterial overgrowth that occurs in the vagina), and gestational diabetes mellitus (i.e. diabetes that develops in pregnancy).

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