How to choose a plastic surgeon for your abdominoplasty

How to choose a plastic surgeon for your abdominoplasty

How to choose a plastic surgeon for your abdominoplasty

The most important decision to make when considering a tummy tuck is your plastic surgeon. You need to choose a surgeon who you feel comfortable with. In your first consultation with the surgeon, make sure you find out how many tummy tucks he/she has performed, ensure that the surgeon is board certified, which means they have received formal training, and that the procedure will be done at an accredited facility. It is also important to look at their before and after photos of previous surgeries.

The best way to remember these requirements for your surgeon are:

  • Personal comfort
  • Formal training and accreditation
  • Experience in performing the surgery

Your first appointment

During your first consultation, you are going to get the chance to clear up any concerns you may have about the surgery and your surgeon will assess you for a potential candidate for a tummy tuck. You will need to be prepared to give an answer to these questions:

  • Are you allergic to anything? Are you currently undergoing medical treatment?
  • Do you have a history of other surgeries?
  • Are you currently taking any current herbal or vitamin supplements?
  • What do you expect the outcome of the surgery to be?

You may also be asked to outline what your issues are in a mirror. Your surgeon will also take photos of your stomach for medical record and determine your skin elasticity. You will also have to disclose your weight and if you have any planned weight loss goals before surgery. Some surgeons may suggest a weight loss program before surgery. Ensure that you do not have any future plans for having children as pregnancy can adversely affect the results of an abdominoplasty.

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