Candidates for Botox

Candidates for Botox

Who is the ideal candidate for Botox?

Botox, being a fantastic treatment for the prevention of wrinkles as it stops the muscles from contracting and can result in natural collagen building up again, should start to be administered to people from the ages of 27 to 30 for maximum benefit. Both men and women can receive the treatment.  

An individual treatment plan can be designed for each individual, and the drug is suited for anyone who wants to enhance and improve their appearance as well as prolong future surgery that may be warranted due to ageing.

Who is not an ideal candidate for Botox?  

Consultation with a certified doctor or plastic surgeon is vital in determining what you can achieve through the treatment. Both you and your doctor can determine a realistic goal and formulate a programme that will hopefully give you the results you seek.  

Those who have unrealistic expectations about the treatment will walk away disappointed. A balance needs to be created between the natural contour, lines of the face and wrinkle removal in isolation so as to avoid looking like you are wearing an expressionless mask. The treatment should be all about balance. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not receive Botox as well as those with neurological disorders.  

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