Breast lift considerations

Breast lift considerations

Breast lift considerations

Every cosmetic surgery has its pros and cons. A breast lift has its own considerations to be aware of before having the procedure done. These are:


  • Your breast shape will be improved, as well as the projection and symmetry.
  • Your confidence will be boosted and you will look better in clothes and swimsuits.
  • Your breasts will appear more youthful.


  • The effect of the breast lift might diminish over time due to ageing and gravity.  How long results last may also depend on the elasticity of your skin.
  • A breast lift will leave scars (although these can be hidden by wearing a bra or a swimsuit).
  • If you fall pregnant after a breast lift, the results may be compromised.

The benefits of a breast lift

There are a number of common reasons why women choose to have a breast lift done, these being:

  • A breast lift is able to restore breast shape after pregnancy and breast feeding. Pregnancy can result in the breasts sagging and stretching. A more aesthetically pleasing appearance can be attained through a breast lift which aids in correcting these negative affects on the body.
  • A breast lift is able to improve breast contours and overall look of the breasts after significant weight loss. Weight loss often results in excess skin on the breasts, which can then be removed to restore a more youthful and proportional breast.
  • A breast lift can help a woman to have the firm and perky breasts she has always wanted. Some women have always had naturally droopy breasts and others have started to sag with age. A breast lift restores the breast contour, allowing women to experience perky, aesthetically pleasing breasts.
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