How to tell if you should get a breast lift

How to tell if you should get a breast lift

While a woman's breast naturally droop over time and many women with larger breast experience sagging, a breast lift should only be considered when these factors negatively affect how a woman feels about herself. If you have saggy breasts but they don't really worry you (and only you, not others), then surgery shouldn't be a consideration. 

A surgeon may suggest combining a breast lift with a reduction or even breast augmentation, in order to achieve the desired physical appearance. The best way to determine if a breast lift is suited for you personally, is to speak to a qualified plastic surgeon.

There are a number of questions you can ask yourself if you are considering a breast lift and this procedure should only be considered if any of these bother you or negatively affect the way you feel about yourself. These are as follows:

 Breast shapes

  • Do my breasts lack firmness and substance? 
  • Are my breasts pendulous (drooping) but are they an adequate size?
  • Do my nipples and areolas point downward? Specifically, if they are positioned below my breast crease? ** Tip – a good test is to slide a piece of paper under your breast, without wearing a bra, so that it sits against the breast crease (under your breast). When you look in the mirror, see if your nipples are sitting below the top edge of the piece of paper (i.e. hanging over the paper). If they are, it is an indication that a breast lift to improve sagging is warranted.
  • Do my breasts appear different from each other? Do they differ in contour and position?
  • Are my breasts relatively small in size?
  • Do I want to have children and breastfeed in the future? If so, it may be a good idea to hold off on a breast lift until after children, as pregnancy and breastfeeding lessen the result of surgery.
  • Am I in good health with a positive attitude and realistic expectations of what a mastopexy can achieve?
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