How to prevent athlete’s foot

How to prevent athlete’s foot

‘Clean and dry’ is best when it comes to foot care. The practice of such hygiene habits can help to significantly reduce occurrences and / or recurrences of athlete’s foot.

Preventative behaviours can include:

  • Young woman in golden pants and sandals sit on stairs.Allowing the feet (skin) to ‘breathe’ by removing shoes daily or wearing ‘roomy’ (well-ventilated) footwear
  • Avoiding exposure to moist environments for prolonged periods of time
  • Taking care when walking barefoot in public or communal environments – rather wearing sandals 15
  • Taking precautions when it becomes known that another person has an active infection and frequents the same environments
  • Drying feet completely (but gently) after washing, especially between the toes
  • Wearing clean socks, stocking, tights or leggings daily (i.e. alternate pairs of shoes)
  • Socks, leggings or tights should be changed more than once a day if feet are prone to sweating
  • Avoiding sharing footwear, leggings or tights, and towels with others
  • Washing towels, showers and floors frequently 
  • Avoiding the use of moisturiser between the toes to alleviate dryness (this can promote fungal growth)

Those who are more prone to fungal infections may find that weekly applications of antifungal creams or foot powders in footwear may help to prevent recurrences. Those who experience infections repeatedly can also take their own nail instruments to salons for use or request if the salon has disoposable supplies instead.


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