What are the stages of endometriosis?

What are the stages of endometriosis?

What are the stages of endometriosis?

Endometriosis is classified into four stages. These stages are based on the depth, location, severity, presence, size and the extent of the implants of endometrial tissue. The stages range from minimal, mild and moderate to severe.

These stages are not, however, related to the severity of the symptoms the sufferer is experiencing, although infertility, is common with stage four endometriosis.

The stages of endometriosis

Stage 1 endometriosis – Minimal

In stage one endometriosis, there are normally small wounds or lesions with shallow endometrial implants on one of the ovaries. There may also be some inflammation with this in the region of the pelvic cavity.

Stage 2 endometriosis – Mild

Stage two of endometriosis often involves shallow implants of the endometrial tissue with light lesions on one of the ovaries or the pelvic lining.

Stage 3 endometriosis – Moderate

Stage three endometriosis will involve deep implants and more lesions on one of the ovaries, as well as the pelvic lining.

Stage 4 endometriosis – Severe

Stage four of endometriosis is the most severe stage as it involves deep endometrial implants on the ovaries and pelvic lining. It is also possible for lesions to have formed on your bowels and fallopian tubes.

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