The verdict on corsetry and waist training

The verdict on corsetry and waist training

The verdict on corsetry and waist training

A number of women have said that waist training can actually mould their body over a prolonged period of time to their desired size. However, this is normally achieved after years and years of continuous waist training and even then, the results are not permanent.

Whilst the benefits of wearing a corset in the medical field are evident, one has to ask what the benefits are aesthetically. Yes, when you put on a corset it is a means of instant satisfaction, but, when you take it off, your body will return to its original shape. This thinking doesn’t hold much promise nor satisfaction. Yet, the psychological benefits of corsetry are two-fold.

On the one hand, you feel great about yourself in looking better and slimmer than you normally do, as well as this your posture is also improved which can give you the appearance and feeling of confidence, but, on the other hand, once you take the corset off, you may feel down and negative about your real body image.

However, through wearing a supportive and non-restrictive corset, your posture and core strength are said to improve which can bring about a number of benefits, including those that are aesthetic (you look great when you stand straight) and medical (if you have any issues that need to be corrected).

Before you put on a corset, you need to make carefully informed decisions and be aware of the possible negative consequences. Keep in mind that your corset may be badly made or too constricting if your breathing is impacted in anyway.

There is also no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to waist training. And every person reacts to corsets differently. Of course, the right diet and exercise play vital roles in achieving your desired body goals.

The defining shape of confidence is upright posture. When your posture is improved, your confidence and body image and improve tenfold. This can create a loop of positive feedback. And if you happen to suffer from scoliosis, bad posture or a weak back, then a well-made, as well as comfortable corset, may be able to make you feel fantastic.

The best idea is to always consult with your healthcare professional before embarking on any kind of corsetry, waist training or waist cinching adventure.

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