Exercises to best manage depression and anxiety

Exercises to best manage depression and anxiety

Are certain exercises better for your mental health?

Young woman with low self-esteem (depression)When diagnosed with a mental health disorder or condition, exercise isn’t usually at the top of the treatment list. Most doctors will recommend a combination of medication (if applicable) and lifestyle changes in a treatment plan, which includes exercise recommendations and better nutritional habits.

Exercise is as good for your mental health as it is for your physical body. It is a good idea to get into good workout habits if you have conditions such as depression or anxiety. Some exercises can play a key role in getting the better of symptoms. The physical and mental components of the body work hand-in-hand, and influence each other too. When we take better care of one aspect of our bodies, we take better care of the entire system.

Chances are, if you’ve been diagnosed with either of these conditions, your doctor has recommended you try some form of exercise to help alleviate your symptoms and improve your mood overall. When in doubt, consult your doctor and ask about anything you have on your mind. It’s important to remember that exercise will not replace any other portion of your treatment plan and isn’t to be regarded as a ‘cure’ for your condition. It’s one working part that will help your overall well-being.

When you exercise, chemicals in the brain are better stimulated. Exercise can help elevate feelings of enthusiasm and excitement, which will give your overall mood a bit of a boost. Research has shown that exercise does help to reduce stress levels and promote better sleep, something that often plagues someone with depression or anxiety.

Some activities have been noted as better than others to alleviate symptoms and help to better manage a condition. The most difficult part may merely be getting started. Once you establish a routine and begin to feel the positive effects, it’s more than likely you’ll keep it up.

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