Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms

Early pregnancy symptoms overview

Many people think that missing a period means that you are pregnant, but there are a number of different symptoms that can be associated with pregnancy. From nausea to tender breasts and fatigue, you need to know what to expect if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms will typically only start in the fourth week post-conception, this is when you can expect to miss your period and you may have mild blood spotting and cramping. The early signs of pregnancy are easily overlooked. The classic symptoms normally entail fatigue, mood changes, nausea, morning sickness and in turn, vomiting (which can actually happen during any time of the day). Sometimes these symptoms can be due to something else such as an illness or starting your period.

The best way to tell if you are pregnant is to take a home pregnancy test, if this is positive, then you should consult with your doctor who will confirm the result with a blood test.

Once you get the results you'll either be beaming with joy or may even be in a slight state of shock, depending on whether or not conception was planned. It’s best to chat with your doctor at this point in time in order to figure out your plan of action for your pregnancy in coping with it and giving your baby a healthy body and environment to develop in.

The information in the navigation menu above explores what you need to be aware of in terms of the symptoms regarding possible pregnancy. It is important to note that this information is to serve only as a guideline and not as a professional opinion, it is best to consult with your doctor or gynaecologist for that.

Symptoms of pregnancy: what to expect

We have mentioned some of the first signs of pregnancy, but it is best to know all of them in order to determine whether you may or may not be pregnant. It can sometimes be difficult to detect early pregnancy as some symptoms are associated with issues such as the flu or just the start of your period. However, what to expect when expecting can help you to deal with your pregnancy and seek professional assistance for the duration of it.

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