FAQ about hiccups

FAQ about hiccups

FAQ about hiccups

Are hiccups common in newborn babies?

Hiccups are common in babies under the age of one year, often due to overfeeding which causes the muscles of the diaphragm to spasm. Even babies in the womb hiccup, which may be a strange and uncomfortable feeling for the expectant mother (although this will only be felt from week 27 of pregnancy onwards), but this is regarded as completely normal and will subside naturally.

Can stress cause hiccups?

There are a number of conditions that may result in hiccups, swallowing air, chewing gum and even more severe issues such as neurological problems. Anxiety and stress have also been linked to hiccups (exhibited both over the short-term and long-term).

Does drinking a cold glass of water stop my hiccups?

Cold water may help in easing the irritation in the diaphragm.

Will holding my breath cure hiccups?

Holding one’s breath or breathing into a paper bag can aid in curing hiccups as it induces mild respiratory acidosis. This can inhibit the contraction of the diaphragm muscles that causes hiccups.

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