Preparing for a CT scan

Preparing for a CT scan

Preparing for a CT scan

If a medical professional has recommended a CT scan for you, he or she will prepare you for the testing procedure.

You may be asked to do the following ahead of your scan:

  • Remove some or all of your clothing. A hospital gown will be provided for you to wear instead.
  • Remove all metal objects. This will include any jewellery, eyewear (such as glasses), clothing and dentures. Metal objects will interfere with the imaging results of the scan.
  • Avoid eating or drinking liquids several hours (often 4 to 6 hours prior) before the scan is scheduled to take place.

Your doctor will likely explain how the scan works and the reasons why he or she feels that it is necessary based on the physical areas of concern or medically associated problems you are currently experiencing.

If your child is to go through a CT scan, the process may be considerably more difficult for them to understand, particularly if they are very young. An infant, or toddler may be lightly sedated so as to ensure that they remain calm and still during the scan process. In this way, a young child is more likely to feel like they have drifted off to sleep, instead of becoming fearful during the scanning process.

It is important that you or your child requiring a scan, remain still during the test. Any movement can distort or blur images and cause inaccurate results.

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