The verdict on Cinderella surgery

The verdict on Cinderella surgery

The verdict on Cinderella surgery 

Bunions and not being able to fit into certain shoes, as well as certain toe deformities, are a harsh reality for many women. Bunions can eventually wear down and even lead to arthritis. So, not only will the sufferer have chronic pain from the bunions (not to mention odd looking feet), they may also develop another chronic condition because of them. So, let’s just get this straight - women wear heels to look beautiful but in turn, potentially end up with a less attractive body part because of this? Now, how is this fair?

Before we start on a tangent of the conformities of gender, let’s get back to the point. Painful foot conditions can be corrected and eliminated during a Cinderella procedure. This can be a very effective means of treatment for women who suffer from these sorts of ailments. It is often the case where these women will also opt for toe-shortening or other aesthetic means of surgery in order to also improve the overall appearance of their feet.

However, should you ‘just not like the look of your feet’, this may not be a strong enough reason to splurge on foot surgery.

If you can afford it and feel you have a legitimate reason to risk surgery (and yes, there is always a risk no matter how simple the procedure), then it may be something to consider. However, if you are questioning if it will be worth it and currently experience no pain in your feet, then it is best to first speak to your doctor about undergoing the surgery and see whether or not you will considered a viable candidate.

A number of surgeons are implementing cutting-edge techniques in toe-shortening whereby a screw that does not have to be removed is used and can speed up the recovery process by two weeks or more. Nevertheless, you are likely to pay even more for more advanced techniques.

The final verdict is this, Cinderella surgery has the ability to give women the ‘happy feet’ ending they desire in walking away with beautiful, pain-free feet, but it is not a procedure that should be considered without the input of a board certified podiatric or orthopaedic surgeon.

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