Who performs Cinderella surgery and is it safe?

Who performs Cinderella surgery and is it safe?

Who performs the surgery and is it safe?

An orthopaedic surgeon or a reconstructive foot surgeon is likely to perform the Cinderella surgery. However, most surgeons will warn that the risks of such a surgery are extremely high as it can be a very invasive procedure. Some women who have had it done, granted they may have chosen surgeons who were more focused on the aesthetic appeal of the feet after surgery as opposed to the actual functionality, have been unable to ever wear heels again due to the joint pain they experienced after surgery.

Some surgeons will only perform the procedure if it is to correct a deformity such as bunions or hammer toes or to relieve chronic pain as many say that undergoing the procedure purely for cosmetic reasons can be an expensive risk too great to take. Another risk in more extreme cases is that of life-threatening blood clots.

The Foot and Ankle Society, which is the regulatory body for procedures such as these, suggests only performing foot surgery in order to correct deformities such as clawed toes or severe bunions or to relieve chronic pain.

Regardless of the reason you elect to have the surgery, it is vital that you choose a surgeon who is accredited and board certified. Speak to other women who may have had it done and do your research before you step foot into a surgeon’s office. The success of this surgery is purely dependent on the surgeon’s skill set.

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