Cinderella Surgery

Cinderella Surgery

Stiletto surgery – We step into the so-called 'fairytale of feet'

How far would you go to have  more attractive feet that fit into that ‘to-die-for’ pair of killer heels?

While this is simply a dream for some, there are women who are willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve fairytale feet through a procedure that has recently gained immense popularity, known as Cinderella or Stiletto surgery.

This new surgical craze, which originated from the traditional bunionectomy, a surgery that involves shaving down of bunions, offers to take the aesthetics of feet to a whole new level, reshaping them and adjusting the length of the toes to not only eliminate chronic pain and deformities, but also to enable the patient to fit into and walk more easily in high fashion heels. But is this procedure legitimate and should it ever be considered for aesthetic reasons?

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Medically, the procedure is referred to as hallux valgus correction with osteotomy and screw fixation – quite the mouthful, hence the term 'Cinderella surgery'.

Now, we all know that not every woman can easily slip into a pair of high heel glass slippers and prance around a ball with her Prince Charming all night. In fact, the reality is that it can be a struggle for some to just wear open-toed shoes due to the discomfort or embarrassment caused by the appearance of their feet, let alone stilettos made of glass or any of the other trendy textiles available these days.

In addition, many women, aside from not liking the look of their feet, also suffer from chronic conditions such as bunions or toe deformities (don’t worry, we will explain what these are later on) that cause chronic pain.

Cinderella surgery addresses these concerns, with the goal being two-fold, firstly eliminating the sources of chronic pain or deformity and secondly, reshaping the feet for aesthetic appeal, often resulting in smaller, slimmer feet with a reduced shoe size.  These procedures provide support to the foot through the lengthening or shortening of the toes, shaving off bunions or excess bone, removing bumps and lumps and possibly even liposuction to slim the toes or feet.

A foot tuck, otherwise known as a fat pad augmentation can also be done alongside the Cinderella surgery. A foot tuck helps rid the patient of foot pain through injecting fat into the soles of the feet.  

So, if you are wanting to step into a fairytale for your feet because you can’t stand the look of them, or if you experience pain from bunions and are tired of wearing ‘grandma sandals’ or just want to be able to fit into that amazing pair of stiletto heels, then this article is for you. We will take you through what you need to know about the surgery, what can go wrong and whether you’re a viable candidate for it or not.

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What is Cinderella surgery?

We have briefly touched on what Cinderella surgery entails, but to give you a little more information on it and to break it down for you in a more simplistic way, we have made a list of the different procedures the surgery can consist of, depending on your specific anatomy and aesthetic desires:

  • Toe-shortening – This involves removing a piece of the bone at the joint of contraction in the toe and then realigning the toe. The surgeon may place a metal pin in the toe to keep it straight for the recovery period. This can decrease one’s shoe size slightly.
  • Fat-injections – Fat is taken from another part of the body, most likely the back, and is then injected into the soles of the feet. This creates a ‘cushion’ at the base of the feet to make wearing heels more comfortable. Many women have said that after having this done, they could walk in heels for hours with no pain whatsoever.
  • Foot shaving (osteotomy) – Painful bunions are removed through a foot shaving method that involves cutting the joint of the big toe and realigning it or removing it in order to achieve a smoother appearance to the feet. Small screws, wires or plates are often used to keep the bones in place.
  • The Perfect 10! – This procedure is very similar to Cinderella surgery and the two are often used interchangeably, allowing the toes to have a more aesthetic appeal through toe-shortening (mentioned above) and the use of Botox injections into the feet to remove wrinkles and prevent fungal growth. Botox also stops the feet from sweating. 

When undergoing Cinderella surgery, local anaesthesia will be administered. This means you will be awake but will be given an anaesthetic so as to not feel any pain. Many patients say that hearing their bones being broken for toe-shortening or the sound of a saw filing down their bunions can be a very traumatic experience. And let’s be honest, no one really wants to see their feet being operated on... Do they?

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