Some more questions you may have about cancer

Some more questions you may have about cancer

Some more questions you may have about cancer 

How many types of cancer are there?  

There are over 100 types of cancer. They are categorised by their abnormal cell growth and place of origin. For example, lung cancer begins in the lungs.  

Is there a cure for cancer?  

As yet, there is not one single treatment to cure all of the different kinds of cancer. There is ongoing research to try and find a cure for cancer. However, certain treatments are available which aid in destroying the cancer cells or lessening symptoms and prolonging the life expectancy of the sufferer, depending on the stage of their cancer.  

Why is there no cure for cancer?  

Cancer is caused by the cells in the body mutating and growing, they lose their ability to control their growth and therefore spread uncontrollably. Cells that are at the end of their life cycle don’t die and new cells are then made for no reason, resulting in the production of too many cells which can group together and form cancerous tumours, also known as malignant tumours.  

The body then battles to differentiate between normal cells and cancer cells, and it is, therefore, difficult to find a drug that can directly target the cancer cells.  

What are the most curable types of cancer?  

Colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer are able to be cured when detected within the first two stages of the cancer growth, meaning that the tumour has not spread distinctly. 

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