Outlook for labyrinthitis

Outlook for labyrinthitis

How long does labyrinthitis last?

Most inner ear infections (cases of labyrinthitis) tend to resolve themselves within a few weeks with full recovery experienced after a month or so. Try and ease back on activities such as sports, work and driving until you have fully recovered as vertigo can impact your ability to function normally and put your safety at risk.

Inner ear infections tend to vary in severity from one individual to the next. Some people may experience severe vertigo, others may just feel lightheaded and lose their sense of balance from time to time. If you feel as though you are getting dizzy, try to sit down and wait for the feeling to pass. If you have an infection of some kind already, such as a cold or the flu and have the symptoms mentioned in this article, then book an appointment with your doctor as these may have caused an inner ear infection. 

Labyrinthitis is generally not a chronic condition and most people will only experience it once in their life, however, in rare cases, symptoms may persist for months and follow-up medical care may be required.

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