Is Melanotan the only option for tanning injections?

Is Melanotan the only option for tanning injections?

There are a few other brands who claim to have reworked the ingredients of Melanotan, or rather who use similar ingredients to the initial drug created in the 1980s to help those with skin conditions. Their drugs, in essence, limit sun exposure adding some barrier of protection to the skin when exposed to UV light and increase the melanin levels in the skin. They also claim to have fewer side effects than Melanotan.

A company based in South Africa state on their website that they have conducted a number of clinical trials on over 5000 candidates as recently as 2009 with their participants in the studies having no long-term side effects. They also note that a number of medical practitioners endorse and sell their product to patients. They claim that their product has also been approved in Switzerland and Italy and has currently reached orphan drug status with the US based company the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Orphan drug status refers to drugs that fall under the Orphan Drug Act of 1983 which facilitates the development of drugs that can be used for rare diseases.

However, the information provided by this unaccredited site is not the guaranteed truth as there are no references to the studies and clinical trials they mention and also no information on the “private proprietor name” they claim that the drug is registered under (which they use to explain why their product name does not come up when searched on the FDA site), and one has to wonder whether these kinds of companies are simply attempting to differentiate themselves from their competitors with this information by promising a ‘healthy’ tan.

Caution should always be taken when dealing with new products such as these as there is evidence that clearly states the number of side effects that have been documented in users, these effects do not include the undocumented long-term side effects that may or may not arise. Either way, it is a bit of a gamble and playing with your health to achieve a specific ideal of beauty is not worth the risk.

What are some safer options of tanning?

Tanning on sunbeds or in the sun is not advised as these forms of UV light exposure accelerate skin ageing and can lead to the development of skin cancer.

Fake tan lotions and products are a safer alternative for those seeking that bronzed glow and are often more financially viable than Melanotan and other tanning injectables.

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