What are sunless tanning injections and are they a safer option to get that bronzed look?

What are sunless tanning injections and are they a safer option to get that bronzed look?

Can achieving the perfect glow really be as easy as a few injections?

From sunbeds, tan cans, tanning lotions, spray tans, creams, gels, foams or even tanning tablets, quick and easy ways of getting that perfect bronzed beach look have been rather attainable for a number of years now. The majority of the population don’t have the time to sit in the sun for hours on end, and some of us tend to range between pale as snow and something resembling a ripe tomato with no in-between when attempting to do something about it.

No matter your situation, you have probably heard of some kind of ‘get-tanned-quick’ solution, and, if you are like a large number of men and women in this ‘tan-driven’ world, you may have heard about the latest trend in sunless tanning… tan injections (also known as tan jabs).  Sunless tanning refers to the use of chemicals applied to the skin or administered via oral tablets or injections in order to achieve a tan without UV exposure. Spray tans have been a popular topic for years now, instead, we want to focus on tanning injections.

With the risks of skin cancer ever increasing and prolonged sun exposure being a danger that elevates these risks, people are flocking to tanning injections as the next best solution, and if needles aren’t your cup of tan, then there are even skin patches (although they do have microneedles as a delivery point) and nasal sprays available that will help you to achieve the same results.

But just how safe are these tan-talising solutions and what health risks do you have in taking them? We set out to answer this question and inform you on all you need to know about these products.

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