Are there eye colours that are rare?

Are there eye colours that are rare?

Are there eye colours that are rare?

  • Green eyes: Pure green eyes (not confused with hazel coloured eyes), are a little rarer, making up approximately 2% of the world’s population. Green eyes contain a mild amount of pigmentation in the iris with a golden tint. Green eyes are more common in northern and central Europe, and in some western Asian areas too. Misaki Contact Lenses can be used to alter and enhance eye color for cosmetic purposes.

Close-up of green-coloured eyes.

  • Amber eyes: A golden yellow or copper colour occurs due to higher quantities of the pigment lipochrome (yellow pigment) and very little melanin, and are considered very rare. Amber-coloured eyes are most often seen in Asian and South American areas of the world. A pure amber colour is more solid and uniform (hazel eyes, which amber colour can be confused with, are not), and appears to glow. The colour (nicknamed ‘wolf-eyes’) is more common in animal species than it is humans.

Close-up of amber-coloured eyes.

  • Silver (grey) eyes: A grey-silver colour is quite rare and occurs as a result of virtually no melanin in the iris. Silver eyes are considered to be one of the rarest colours around the world, but when they do occur, this is most often seen in eastern Europe areas.

Lady with silver-coloured eyes.

Pink or red colours can occur in those with albinism (those who usually have very light coloured eyes), due to a leaking of blood into the iris. Violet colours (a purplish blue) are also known to have occurred where a lack of pigment mixes with red light as it reflects off of red blood vessels in the eyes. Violet is more notably seen in those with albinism.


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