Can beauty be bought?

Can beauty be bought?

From Botox to better food, the idea of buying beauty explored…

There is no doubt that beauty can be bought. Now, we aren’t talking about buying a beautiful painting, house, gift or even a beautiful puppy, we are referring to the aesthetic beauty of a person. The dictionary defines beauty as ‘the qualities of a person that are able to deeply pleasure the aesthetic senses through shape, colour and even personality’.  

It’s pretty obvious that a beautiful personality is more moulded than bought. But, what we want to explore is the exterior beauty of a person. Many of us know someone whom we have bumped into from our past and they seemed to have gone from the ugly duckling to a swan princess. Is it magic? Is it makeup? Or, is it money that made them look that way?

Granted, some people naturally blossom from the pimply geek in Math class to someone who should be on the cover of a magazine.

However, not all of us were hit with the beauty stick falling out of our family trees, some of us feel as if we were aggressively wacked with an uglier looking branch on our way down.

We know that we should embrace our own natural beauty as we all have our unique gifts and positive attributes, but some of us would rather embrace the Botox and boob jobs!

Apart from aesthetic beauty treatments and procedures, there is also another beauty factor that money can buy, that being the stuff we put into our bodies… food. Not to mention a fancy gym contract with a personal trainer. But that is beside the point, forking out enough cash every month to be able to buy organic produce from your local health store can cost an arm and a leg and sometimes leave you crying in your gluten-free quinoa and kale salad at the end of the month as you try to figure out how to pay the rent. Sometimes opting for the cheap, and actually, delicious burger is the easier way to go.

What it comes down to is this, can money buy beauty and are rich people more beautiful? Or is beauty something we are born with no matter what.

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