Blood type and other issues

Blood type and other issues

Blood type and other conditions

Blood type and ulcers

The bacteria H. pylori that may be the cause of stomach cancers amongst those with type A and AB blood, is likely to also increase the risk of ulcers in individuals with blood type O. The exact reason why is not yet known, however it is thought that this blood group is able to somehow modify the immune system response to the bacteria.

Blood type and diet

Sticking to a specific diet for your blood type is said to help to reduce the risk of chronic conditions and also enable the effective loss of weight.  This is still a great source of debate amongst researchers, scientists and health professionals.

Blood type and stress

Research has shown that those with the blood type A seem to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their bodies. Therefore, this group of people should adhere to stress-relieving techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga or Tai Chi.

Type A may exhibit more anxious behaviour than other types. The blood types B and AB have been found to respond better to stress. And blood type O was found to have the lowest amounts of cortisol in their bodies.

 The impact of cortisol on the body

Blood type and exercise demands

The make-up of one’s antigens on their red blood cells can also determine how much of a certain hormone is released in specific situations. Those with blood types A and B tend to have a better response to low-intensity workouts and exercise and seem to enjoy exercises such as yoga that have a more calming effect.

Type O’s are on the other end of the spectrum. Where it takes this blood group more to stress over something, it also takes them more to de-stress. As such, more vigorous forms of exercise are seen to be more effective than calming exercises.

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