Eating for your blood type – fact or fiction?

Eating for your blood type – fact or fiction?

Should your eating habits follow a specific plan according to your blood type?

Diets. We’ve all heard of them. Most of us have laboured through committing to one at some time or another. How much of what is promised holds enough truth and delivers the healthy results we crave? There’s a constant push and pull effect between fact and fad. Science is the key determining factor for many. Can it be proved that a specific theory actually works? A diet that delivers results for one may not appear all that effective for another, no matter how strictly “the rules” of the diet were kept.

For two decades, the blood type diet has been just one of many nutrition plans to cause a little controversy. Differing opinions from a variety of industry fields continue to debate the ‘facts’ of this diet. So, what is it and how is it supposed to work? Does it work?

There are compelling surface arguments on both sides, but you’ll need to scratch beneath to really get to the crux of what this diet is supposedly designed to achieve. If it does work, is it really because of the blood type you were born with and will live with for all your days? Or does it merely come down to healthier eating habits?

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